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With its fabulous coastaline and 700 miles of  white sandy beaches along the mediterraeean sea, its string of idyllic islands,Tunisa is one of the best reputed destinations for your holidays by the sea. 

It also boasts an incredible desert in the  south worth exploring for its thousands of palm trees, its magic oases, its golden dunes and eco lodges . The Sahara desert  is also a vast adventure playground and a realm for meditation.

With more 3000 years of history,Tunisia has been  at the crossroad of several  civilisations all from the Berbers to the Romans, Byzantines, Phenicians, Ottoman and French.amon the myriad of sites 8 are Unesco classified  worth the focus !

The destination is also renowned for its several high standards thalasso centers and Spa

It attracts many Golfers all year round thanks to its mild and sunny weather! 

for the gournet ,Tunisia offers a rich and tasty cuisine all  from berbers 'couscous to the numerous - mediterranean ,ottoman and middle east inspired  recipes.,the country is also  famous for its awarded world wide olive oil , its harissa ,its agrumes, its fish and refined pastries  ! 

Last but not least,Tunisia is heaven for the shoppers with a great display of handicrafts all from to Sejnane pottery to Nabeul pottery, and ceramics , the fragrances and  embroideries  of Hammamet , the ancestral silk weaving  of Mahdia and traditional wool  rugs of Karawan , the wicker basket and coral sets of Tabarka ,.. so much much to see !

Remember hospitality is a be spoken tradition we are "ready and safe "

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Tunisian National Tourist Office

The Tunisian government announced that travellers from all countries, including the UK, no longer have to self-isolate at a government-approved hotel for 14 days on arrival. Travellers must instead self-isolate at their accommodation (or their hotel) for 48 hours from their arrival and then take a COVID-19 PCR test.

with effect from yesterday, all travellers from the United Kingdom are allowed to enter Tunisia if they fulfil the following requirements :

  • Present a negative result RT-PCR test taken 72 hours maximum before boarding a flight to Tunisia,
  • Complete, print, sign and present the 02 sanitary e-forms available on the following app:
  • Self-isolate for a period of 02 days in a place of their choice,
  • Undergo a second RT-PCR test 48 hours after arrival to Tunisia. If the result is negative, they will no longer be subject to the self-isolation requirement. In this regard, individuals need to book an appointment with one of the accredited Tunisian laboratories to take a RT-PCR test, via the following website:

It is to be noted that:

  • Passengers randomly chosen at the point of entry will have to take a rapid test upon arrival to Tunisia.
  • These requirements are applicable to all travellers, regardless of Covid-19 vaccination.

These requirements remain in effect until March 28, the date of the next update.