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With its fabulous coastaline and 700 miles of  white sandy beaches along the mediterraeean sea, its string of idyllic islands,Tunisa is one of the best reputed destinations for your holidays by the sea. 

It also boasts an incredible desert in the  south worth exploring for its thousands of palm trees, its magic oases, its golden dunes and eco lodges . The Sahara desert  is also a vast adventure playground and a realm for meditation.

With more 3000 years of history,Tunisia has been  at the crossroad of several  civilisations all from the Berbers to the Romans, Byzantines, Phenicians, Ottoman and French.amon the myriad of sites 8 are Unesco classified  worth the focus !

The destination is also renowned for its several high standards thalasso centers and Spa

It attracts many Golfers all year round thanks to its mild and sunny weather! 

for the gournet ,Tunisia offers a rich and tasty cuisine all  from berbers 'couscous to the numerous - mediterranean ,ottoman and middle east inspired  recipes.,the country is also  famous for its awarded world wide olive oil , its harissa ,its agrumes, its fish and refined pastries  ! 

Last but not least,Tunisia is heaven for the shoppers with a great display of handicrafts all from to Sejnane pottery to Nabeul pottery, and ceramics , the fragrances and  embroideries  of Hammamet , the ancestral silk weaving  of Mahdia and traditional wool  rugs of Karawan , the wicker basket and coral sets of Tabarka ,.. so much much to see !

Remember hospitality is a be spoken tradition we are "ready and safe "

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Tunisian National Tourist Office

Tunisia has implemented a healthcare policy which places it among the best
countries in the world for management of the COVID-19 crisis with regard to
effectiveness, forward-thinking, and security.
It is worth noting that Tunisia has registered an excellent recovery rate, efficiently treated
those who have been hospitalised, and put in place rigorous healthcare measures.
Among those healthcare measures and achievements, we would specify the following:
The implementation of the strategy of isolating travellers has meant that at least 25,000
infections have been avoided, the genetic research undertaken at the Charles Nicolle
laboratory in Tunis, and the setting-up of teams dedicated to the research of a vaccine.
Tunisia has also started utilising certain modern technologies in order to guarantee the
safety of its people: robots to monitor the streets, drones equipped with microphones
and thermal imaging cameras, regular disinfection with UV, mobile laboratories to
carry out tests and analyse them in a short space of time etc.
Building on this amazing momentum, Tunisia is today fully ready to begin welcoming
visitors safely.
That’s why, in order to reassure travellers and to prepare for the return to normality, the
Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts has created a certification label “Ready and Safe”.
This labelling is compulsory for all key players in the tourism trade in Tunisia: the
same standards will be required and applied by everyone.
To achieve this, it is essential to monitor the implementation of a national protocol in
accordance with the recommendations of the WHO. These recommendations will be
followed and applied by all the key players of the Tunisian tourism industry to
guarantee hygiene and pre-emptive cleaning, thanks to which we will maintain control
over COVID-19 and ensure the health and safety of tourists.

So there you have another good reason to visit Tunisia. Its wonderful climate, delicious
cuisine, beautiful locales, beautiful beaches, beautiful hotels and restaurants,
prepared with all the necessary precautions, ready and safe, to make sure the stay of
every tourist is both a relaxing and stress-free experience.