Catalonia is a Mediterranean destination in north-eastern of the Iberian Peninsula with a millenary history, its own culture and language, plus a wealthy historical and natural heritage with a population of over 7.5 million.

Covering 32,107km, the region is divided into four provinces; Barcelona, Girona, Lleida and Tarragona. The territory offers visitors stunning scenery, culture, history and cuisine from the towering heights of the Catalan Pyrenees to the spectacular coastline of the Costa Brava, Costa Barcelona, Costa Daurada and Terres de l’Ebre.

Its great capacities and excellent facilities place it among Europe’s prime tourist areas, welcoming more than 17 million tourists per year. The region offers extensive opportunities for tourists from culture cravers to family travellers, sports enthusiasts to wildlife wanderers and those just looking to relax. 

Thanks to its scenic variety, Catalonia has become an appealing destination for many travellers. While the Catalan Pyrenees with their 3000 meter peaks are an ideal place for skiing, winter tourism, hiking and active tourism, the 580 kilometres of Catalan coastline combine steep cliffs with hidden coves, long sandy beaches and a wide range of water sports.

The four Catalan province seats feature a great heritage. Handsome old quarters, buildings from Romanesque to Art Nouveau and a wide range of museums are worth a visit. Besides the province seats, we find inland towns with a distinctive character and noteworthy heritage. Finally, the nine protected seaside areas in Catalonia ensure environmental conservation while offering a combination of sustainable tourism and leisure.



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Catalonia is open and eager to welcome tourists with open arms. We are ready to make the dreams and desires that you maintained during these odd times come true.

Reawaken your five senses in a new destination: the pleasure of tasting flavours of the Mediterranean, the beauty of winding roads through landscapes traced by Mediterranean pines and the sea, the sensation of being able to touch the history embedded in medieval villages, the sounds of boats arriving to port and the smell of the sea wafting through traditional fish markets. 

Catalonia is proud to be considered a first-class tourist destination and such it is implementing all the necessary measures and following all the international guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety to contain the spread of Coronavirus.

All the necessary steps have been taken to contain the virus and the situation is been closely monitored by the Catalan Government. Public transportation, as well as tourist attractions and services are operating normally and are closely following the respective safety protocols.

The Catalan tourism sector has been providing inputs and solutions on how to best confront the situation from the beginning, working hard to adapt to the new circumstances and applying the highest safety standards to generate confidence for our visitors and guests.

Catalonia will always be your tailor-made destination. Enjoy one of the thousands of experiences here.

For more detailed information about transportation, tourist offer, access control measures and other additional restrictions, please check the following link