13 September 2017

London, 13th September 2017 - Samoa Airways (OL), Samoa’s new international airline, has outlined its Northern Winter Schedule as it prepares to launch jet services on 14th November from its hub at Faleolo International Airport.

Samoa Tourism Authority

London, 13th September 2017 - Samoa Airways (OL), Samoa’s new international airline, has outlined its Northern Winter Schedule as it prepares to launch jet services on 14th November from its hub at Faleolo International Airport.

The schedule consists of 6 flights between Apia and Auckland and 2 services between Apia and Sydney per week, and will be valid up to 24th March (2018).

Samoa Airways will fly from Auckland to Apia on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday - and fly from Apia to Auckland on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Friday and Sunday.

It will also include two routes between Sydney and Apia which will fly on Thursday and Saturday.

Convenience, which is an important factor for the airline and its offering, is a key feature of the schedule. Guests travelling via Auckland to and from other parts of New Zealand will have the benefit of same-day connections (to and from Apia), while passengers travelling from around Australia via Sydney can connect right-through to Apia on the same day.

The Airline recognises the significance of both New Zealand and Australia to Samoa’s tourism industry, and the strong family, community, cultural and business links which Samoa has with both countries. The Airline is confident that its flights, which are mostly daytime operations, will support the ongoing development of the leisure and business segments and provide consumers across the board a competitive choice.

All flights will be operated using a 170-seat 2-class Boeing 737-800 with 8 seats in Business Class and 162 seats in the Economy cabin.

Flights are now opened for bookings and passengers can choose from various fares ranging from FIAFIA SAVER (early bookings) to FIAFIA PREMIUM (business class). More information about the various fares on offers can be found on

About Samoa Airways:

Formerly known as Polynesian Airlines, the airline was founded in 1959 by Captain Sir Reginald Barnewall, an Australian airline captain, and Samoan businessman Eugene Paul.

The Airline previously operated jet flights linking Samoa with Auckland, Wellington, Sydney, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Nadi, Rarotonga, Papeete, Tongatapu, Niue and Pago Pago.

Polynesian Airlines’ operation was downscaled in 2005 and the airline for about 12 years has operated short-haul turbo-prop flights between Samoa and American Samoa and charters to neighbouring islands. With its rich and colourful past, the airline is one of the best known in the South Pacific region and now a new chapter for Samoa’s national airline begins.

Acknowledging the airline’s origins and links, Samoa Airway’s logo features an adapted version of the iconic coconut tree which since 1959 has been the symbol of Samoa’s national carrier.

To visitors, the coconut tree evokes warm tropical weather, beautiful beaches and the luxuriant Pacific environment which Samoa has in abundance.

For Samoans, the coconut tree has countless uses and like the growth trajectory of the ‘tree of life’, it also represents the resilience and versatility of Samoans to punch above their weight and proudly take their place on the global stage. Combined with its age-old culture and way of life, it’s these simple pleasures and authentic experiences which draw many visitors to Beautiful Samoa.

While the designs use the blue, red and white of the Samoan Flag, the airline’s livery also incorporates Samoan motifs which have a special meaning in Samoan culture.

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Samoa Tourism Authority

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Samoa: The Treasured Islands of the South Pacific

The islands of Samoa - The Treasured Islands of the South Pacific - are the true heart of Polynesia. Ten islands of stunning wild beauty, Samoa - or Independent Samoa as it is now known so as to avoid confusion with American Samoa, is paradise waiting to be explored. From powder soft beaches, to warm tropical seas, colourful coral reefs alive with marine life. The rugged, lush interiors reveal endless wildlife, waterfalls and hiking trails.

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